Deployment options FileCap Android App

Downloading the FileCap Android App

The FileCap Android App can be found in the Google Play Store by searching for “FileCap” or by going to Play Store with the following button:


Configuring the Android App

When opening the FileCap Android app for the first time you see the following screen:


There are three ways of configuring the Android app:

Manual configuration

You can click configure to enter the settings manually:


Enter your email address, mobile phone number, the FileCap Server API Key and Hostname manually.

Email link configuration

The configuration can also be distributed via email and the link can be generated from the FileCap administration portal. This item can be found at the following location: “Plugin Settings -> Mobile and Mac


After clicking “Send app config” the email will arrive in the users email box.
Click “Configure FileCap” link to automatically configure the app.

send configuration email example

Configuring with Mobile Device Management (MDM)

You can also push the configuration centrally by using your Mobile Device Management enrolled in Android Enterprise. The exact configuration method is different per MDM software.

You can configure the following parameters:

Parameter Description
accountName Enter the users personal name here
accountNameEditable Personal name can be changed in the app
accountEmailAddress Enter the users email address
accountEmailAddressEditable The users email address can be changed in the app
accountMobileNr Enter the users mobile number
accountMobileNrEditable The users mobile number can be changed in the app
serverFqdn Enter the FileCap Server FQDN hostname here
serverApiKey Enter the FileCap Server API Key here

After a successful configuration the user will get the following screen:


You can now start Using the FileCap Android App