Migrating FileCap Server V3 to latest version

If your FileCap Server is still running on FileCap Server version 3, then migrating from FileCap Server version 3.x.x to the latest FileCap Server version is not possible by using the update mechanism in FileCap version 3 anymore. The FileCap version 3 server will be broken after using the update mechanism.


FileCap version 3 Administration portal


FileCap version 5 Administration Portal

Why is directly upgrading from V3 to the latest version not possible anymore?

The reason that the update mechanism in FileCap version 3 is not working anymore is because FileCap version 3 is pretty outdated and the Debian version used as operating system is not supported by Debian anymore. Because of this some Debian packages needed for updating are not available anymore so the update will fail.

Why do you need to upgrade to the latest FileCap version

Because the operating system used for the latest FileCap version is still supported by Debian, it will receive security updates. Also the latest FileCap version is having a lot of new features and security changes which are not available when using FileCap version 3.

Can i update my FileCap V3 server to the latest FileCap without losing data?

Yes this is possible. It is best to contact FileCap Support they can provide a script which you can use to do the migration of all settings and data to a new FileCap version. Please keep in mind this process can take a while depending on how much data is needed to be transferred.


Also the licensing system is changed in the latest FileCap Server version, so it is not possible to use the FileCap version 3 license in the latest FileCap version anymore.

When you contact FileCap Sales or support we can change your currently valid version 3 license to the latest version.

Do i also need to update the FileCap plugins?

Yes, because of new features and upgraded security settings in the latest FileCap version it is advised to update all FileCap plugins (like the FileCap Outlook Plugin) to the latest version.