Mail settings


Mailserver hostname/IP Specify the hostname or IP address of the mailserver that FileCap will use for sending mail messages
Mail server port Specify the SMTP port that will be used for sending mail
FileCap system email address Specify the email address that FileCap will use for sending mail.
Mailserver TLS encryption If the mailserver needs TLS encryption set this to On
Mailserver authentication If the mailserver requires authentication set this to On
Mailserver username If authentication is required enter the username that needs to be used.
Mailserver password If authentication is required enter the corresponding password.
Always use FileCap system email address for notifications If this setting is set to “On” notifications sent by the FileCap server are sent from the email address entered in the field “FileCap system email address”. If set to “Off” notifications will be sent like they are coming from the downloader.

When the settings are saved the connection can be tested by pressing the “Test connection” button. If the connection is successful you can test further by entering a email address and press “Send Test Mail”.

It should be possible for the FileCap server to sent emails to local and external senders.

Mailserver settings when using Office365

The mailserver settings when your organisation is using Office365 can be found on the Microsoft website: “How to set up a multifunction device or application to send email using Office 365” under Option 3: “Configure a connector to send mail using Microsoft 365 or Office 365 SMTP relay”