FileCap Office365 Web plugin requirements

The FileCap Office365 Web plugin can be installed in Exchange Online (Office365) or an on-premise Exchange server 2016 or higher.

The following things are required to use the FileCap Office365 Web plugin:

    • Exchange supports Microsoft OWA API-version 1.3 or higher
    • Users have one of the following browsers available:
      • Google Chrome latest stable version
      • Internet Explorer 11 or Edge
      • Mozilla Firefox v31 or higher
      • Safari v12 or higher
    • OWA beta switch needs to be disabled for users.
      The command to disable the switch is:
      Set-OwaMailboxPolicy -OutlookBetaToggleEnabled $false
      With disabling the function to use the New OWA (OutlookBetaToggle) users which already activated the new OWA cannot disable it anymore.