Token – CM Telecom

How to setup CM Telecom with FileCap

  1. We assume you already have a CM Telecom account, if not you can create one at
  2. Login to your CM Telecom account and add money to your account balance so you can use SMS messages.
  3. At the top right corner click the dotted button and select “Messaging gateway”.
  4. If you have added balance to your account you should see the following page:
  5. Copy the Product token
  6. At the FileCap Administation Portal go to “General Settings -> SMS text Authentication” and add the following:
    – In the field “CM Telecom product token” enter the product token from the CM Telecom website
  7. Test the functionality by entering a mobile phone number and check if you receive the SMS message.


Known issue – API Credentials not available message

If you did not add balance to your account you get the following message at step 4:


If you get the above error but you added balance to your account, you can contact CM Telecom support by clicking the “Contact us”-chat-button in the right bottom corner.

Phone number validation

Unfortunately CM Telecom does not support this feature.

When using FileCap Server 4.3.0 (or higher) and the SMS providers Twilio or Messagebird local phone numbers (without +countrycode) will be validated. The phone number validation will tell FileCap if the specified phone number looks valid and transform the phone number to international format.