Token – Esendex

How to setup Esendex with FileCap

  1. We assume you already have a Esendex account, if not you can create one at
  2. Login to your Esendex account and add money to your account balance so you can use SMS messages.
  3. At the right side select “Manage Accounts”:
  4. Next you will see the following page, please note your account reference number (example: EX1234567) you will need to fill this at the FileCap Server:
  5. Click at the icon in the top right corner and select “Edit user profile”:
  6. Scroll down to “Change API password” and click “Generate new API password”.
    Note: This is only visible if you have balance on your account.
  7. Copy the generated API password and click the “Update” button.
  8. At the FileCap Administation Portal go to “General Settings -> SMS text Authentication” and add the following:
    – In the field “Esendex account reference” enter the reference saved in step 4.
    – In the field “Esendex username” enter the username used to login to the Esendex website
    – In the field “Esendex API key” enter the generated API password from step 6 and 7.
  9. Save the configuration and test the functionality by entering a mobile phone number and check if you receive the SMS message.

Phone number validation

Unfortunately Esendex does not support this feature.

When using FileCap Server 4.3.0 (or higher) and the SMS providers Twilio or Messagebird local phone numbers (without +countrycode) will be validated. The phone number validation will tell FileCap if the specified phone number looks valid and transform the phone number to international format.