Upload links


When using this option it is possible to create FileCap upload links so that people can send files to a specific email address. This links can for example be used to put on your website for a quick way for customers to send files.

Create a new link

When in “Upload links” and you click on “Create a new link” you can create a new upload link with the following screen:

create link

To e-mail address Enter the email address to which files should be send when using this upload link.
Requires registration When this option is set to “On”, users first need to enter their name and email address and get a confirmation link in their mailbox, which they can use to send files to the specified email address.

When this option is set to “Off”, users go directly to the upload page so they can send files directly to the specified email address.

When the link is added, you get a confirmation with the automatically created link.

Options for an existing upload link

When in the “Upload links” screen you can click on a existing link and see two buttons.

Block link

Use this button to (temporarily) block the upload link. When you clicked on an already blocked upload link the button text changed to “Unblock link”, which can be used to unblock the link again.

Delete link

Use this button to delete the current link.

Note: It is not possible to change the “requires registration” option when the link is already created. You can delete the current upload link and create a new one with the correct options.