Deployment options FileCap Server

FileCap is deployed as a stand-alone system, which means it has its own built-in operating system and update system. The FileCap Server is currently available in two deployment forms.

The first is a CD image in the form of an ISO which can be used to install on your own hardware, VMware or Hyper-V. The second option is hardware appliances, offered by FileCap, with FileCap pre-installed.

Choosing a deployment option

While choosing a deployment option you should take the following into consideration:

ISO Image (Recommended option)

  • More flexibility, hard disk size is customisable
  • Runs on custom hardware and FileCap Appliances
  • Runs on VMWare and Hyper-V
  • Installer auto installs latest security patches
  • Easy backup and snapshots on virtualisation platforms

For the ISO installation steps see the chapter: Installing FileCap Server from ISO

FileCap hardware

  • Data separation is optimal, confidential data is not stored on the same hardware as other data
  • Hard disk is build in and cannot be changed without re-installation

VMware Virtual Appliance (This is an obsolete option, please use the ISO image)

  • Fast and easy deployment in VMware
  • VMware tools pre-installed
  • Fixed hard disk size of 100GB
  • Easy backup and snapshot function

We recommend using the ISO image deployment option in combination with VMWare or Hyper-V. Using custom hardware or FileCap hardware is also possible, but less flexible.

Downloading FileCap Server and plugins

FileCap and its plugins can be downloaded from the download section of the FileCap website, the direct URL is: