FileCap Base System

FileCap consists of different services to work:

  1. Name: FileCap web portal
    Description: The end user portal for access.
    Port: 443 (TCP)
    Access restriction: Can be restricted via admin portal to allow transfer only for internal users.
  2. Name: FileCap admin portal
    Description: The admin user portal to change settings ( e.g. Network, layout, general settings).
    Port: 443
    Access restriction: Can be restricted to specific network segments to only allow admin pc’s to enter the admin portal.
  3. Name: FileCap plugin interface
    Description: There is an plugin interface where plugins can overrule some web portal restrictions and have the ability to send files directly to the FileCap server.
    Port: 443
    Access restriction: The FileCap plugin interface can be accessed via a API key which is located in the admin portal.


This document will focus mainly on 3. The FileCap plugin interface.