Using the FileCap Outlook Plugin

Once installed the FileCap Outlook Plugin will be visible in the new e-mail dialog of outlook:


Sending files

The FileCap has two ways of triggering an upload to the FileCap server, the first one is the Attachment size that is set under “Plugin settings -> Microsoft Outlook”.

Note: When you want to force all attachments through FileCap automatically, you need to set the Attachment Size to 0 (zero), this is possible from FileCap Outlook plugin version 4.0.7 or higher.

The 2nd way to trigger a file upload is by manually checking the checkbox “Send with FileCap”:


Transfer options

The transfer options button opens a new dialog with additional settings. The visible settings can be different depending on the FileCap server settings. For example, when two factor authentication is disabled the checkbox will be hidden.


The first option is the transfer password. The transfer password secures the file transfer with an additional password. This password should be send to the recipient via another channel for added security.

The 2nd and 3rd option are days to store and time the file can be downloaded for this transfer.

The last option is “use 2-factor authentication”. With the feature enabled the following screen will appear when sending a file using FileCap:


Here you need to enter your own phone number and the phone numbers of all persons which will receive this email. When persons try to download this file they will receive a text message with a token on there phone. This token is needed to download the files. Token can be used in combination with using a password.


Sending invites

The “Request file transfer” generates an invite email that can be sent to an external party. This party can use the link in the email to send a file to the person that has invited him to send a file.

The standard text in the email can be changed under “Plugin settings -> Microsoft Outlook”.