Token – Messagebird

How to setup Messagebird with FileCap

  1. We assume you already have a Messagebird account, if not you can create one at
  2. Login to your MessageBird Dashboard and buy Credits so you can use SMS messages.
  3. Next go to the “Developers” section.
  4. At the top select “API access (REST)” and then the button “Add access key”
    add access key
  5. Fill in the form in the next screen and click “Add”
  6. Then you can view the required accesskey and copy it.
  7. Add the accesskey in the FileCap Server under “General settings -> SMS text Authentication“.
  8. Test the functionality by entering a mobile phone number and check if you receive the SMS message.

Phone number validation

Since FileCap Server version 4.3.0 local phone numbers (without +countrycode) will be validated, Messagebird supports this feature and this is enabled by default. The Messagebird phone number validation will tell FileCap if the specified phone number looks valid and transform the phone number to international format.