SMS text Authentication



Enable SMS text authentication Setting this to On will enable two factor (SMS text) authentication. Turning on two factor authentication will enable the possibility to send a text message containing a token which will be required to download the files.
SMS provider Select a token provider.

Currently supported providers:

Note: The customer needs to create and pay for this account by them self. The fees for sending text messages are different per provider.

Since FileCap Server version 4.3.0 the local phone numbers (without +countrycode) will be validated by the SMS providers, this is only supported by Twilio and Messagebird.

Sender address The name which will be visible on the phone which will receive the text message.

Note: Maximum of 11 characters, this is a limit with all SMS providers.

Provider specific settings The other remaining fields are specific per provider (for example access keys/authentication tokens) to acquire these settings please check with your message provider.


Default country prefix Select the default country prefix, which will be used if there is no prefix given by the end user.

Example: If you select “Netherlands (+31)” and fill in the number “0612345678” it will replace the 0 (zero) with the prefix, so the number will be “+31612345678”.

When the settings are applied the settings can be tested by entering a mobile phone number and press “Send test Token”.