Deployment options FileCap MacOS App

Installing the FileCap MacOS App

The MAC OS app can be installed using a DMG file. This file contains the FileCap app which can be installed by dragging the file to the Applications folder.


After the installation open the app and set it to stay in the MAC OS dock so easy drag and drop is available.


Configuring the MacOS App

The app will display a message if the configuration is missing. This configuration is can be imported by using the FileCap APP configuration link. OR entered manually


The configuration is distributed via email and the link can be generated from the FileCap admin portal. This item can be found at the following location: “Plugin Settings -> Plugin settings Mobile and Mac


After clicking “Send app config” the email will arrive in the users email box.

Click “Configure FileCap” to automatically configure the app.

send configuration email example.png

A successful configuration will result in the following message:



If this configuration fails, please check the MAC OS Console for error messages and close the FileCap App before opening the FileCap configuration link in your browser instead of directly clicking it in the email.


Downloading the FileCap MacOS App

The MacOS App can be downloaded from the FileCap update website, and is currently only available in the English language.

Download URL: